The Six Human Needs: On a scale of 1 - 10, rate how well each need is currently being met in your life. (1 = basically not at all, and 10 = the need being met perfectly.)

1. Certainty - stability, security

2. Variety - excitement, adventure

3. Significance - feeling of importance and value, confidence

4. Connection - to love and be loved

5. Growth - development and evolution as a person

6. Contribution - giving beyond yourself

All of us, regardless of background, gender, location, age, life experience, etc., have Six Human Needs. Almost everything we do revolves around meeting one or more of these needs. Ever wonder why you just can't seem to stop or start a behavior or habit when you want to? It's because the behavior or habit is meeting a need. Needs can be met in both positive and negative ways.  Take a look at the Six Human Needs below, and assess which of yours are being met vs. which need more attention. 

Additional Learning:

If you want to take it a step further, identify one behavior you do to meet each of the needs above. For example, to meet Certainty, you may have a very predictable schedule that you stick to without much variance. To meet the need for Growth, you may take online courses or read informative books. This exercise will give you a bit of insight into why you have certain habits and behaviors.

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