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Complimentary Consultation: I offer a Complimentary Consultation, conducted by phone. We'll talk about your life-changing experience, why it's important, and how you can stretch it into a happier, more successful and fulfilling life. To sign up, email: 

Do You Ever Feel Like:

  • People expect you to be like you were before your life-changing experience?
  • You regret that you haven't made more changes?
  • You are losing sight of what you learned?
  • you could make better choices if you could re-connect with a Certain mindset?
  • You're a different person now, but your life doesn't reflect that?
  • Your'e the only one who knows and understands what you experienced?
  • You have this fantastic insight, but are not sure how to make the best use of it?

Have you had a life-changing experience?

Do you want to stretch from that experience into a happier, more successful and fulfilling life? 

Whether your experience was 10 years or 10 days ago, the best of what you learned is still with you. Taking that acquired insight, and integrating it into your life in a positive way, is the important part. If you want to leverage your life-changing experience to become your best self, you've come to the right place. 

My name is Amanda Sturner. I am a life coach and founder of Stretch Zone Coaching. For 15 years, I've helped people use their life-changing experiences to create happier, more successful and fulfilling lives. 

Would You Like To:

  • Leverage the widsom from your life-changing experience?
  • Use what you've learned to be your best self?
  • Change your habits to reflect what you've learned and feel proud of yourself every day?
  • Maintain the momentum and passion created by your experience?

Envision a Life Where:

  • you are applying what you learned to lead a better life.
  • your experience has changed your for the better, forever, and this is now reflected in every area of your life. 
  • people recognize and appreciate  your growth and the positive changes you've made.
  • you feel proud of yourself, almost all of the time.
  • ​your daily, weekly and monthly habits reflect the best learning from your experience, so you feel connected, rather that disconnected, from it. 
If you can relate to these questions and statements, and are ready for change, Stretch Zone Coaching may be for you.
Stretch into a happier, more successful and fulfilling life.