If you are tripping on old habits that no longer serve you, and want to stretch out of your comfort zone into more growth, fulfillment and joy, then it's time for a breakthrough. 

Do You Ever Feel Like:

  • People expect you to be a certain way, so change is hard?
  • You Are frustrated that you haven't made certain changes?
  • You are losing grasp of what you really want out of life?
  • You have moments of fantastic insight, but are not sure how to apply it?
​​​​Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone.
Complimentary Session: I offer one free of charge "Test Drive Session" by phone. You'll learn a strategy for making a specific change in your life. To check availability, click here. 

Envision a Life Where:

  • you are able to make the changes you want to make.
  • you Have grown for the better and it's reflected in each area of your life. 
  • you feel proud of yourself, almost all of the time.
  • ​your daily, weekly and monthly habits are in total alignment with how you truly want life to be. 

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

Stretch out of your comfort zone into more growth, fulfillment and joy. 

What needs to change? What do you want to start or stop doing? Inertia lulls us to sleep through old habits and patterns. If you've got a dose of courage and an idea of how you want things to be different, you've come to the right place. 

My name is Amanda Sturner. I am a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and the founder of Stretch Zone Coaching. For 15 years, I've helped people have life-changing breakthroughs that result in more growth, fulfillment and joy.

Would You Like To:

  • Leverage the widsom from your life experiences?
  • Change your habits to reflect who You Really Want to be? 
  • feel proud of yourself every day?
  • Finally change what's been bothering you?